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​​At Freedom General Contracting, we use only the best replacement windows and doors in the industry; serving residential construction and commercial clients throughout Bucks County, Philadelphia, Montgomery County as well as Hunterdon and Mercer County, New Jersey.

The best replacement windows pay for themselves in energy efficiency, while enhancing the curb appeal and interior design of your home.  Both our residential and commercial clients are delighted to see the difference a simple change of windows can achieve in interior design and exterior curb appeal. For the longest time, builders simply put in standard looking windows. So much has changed since then, and you can make the change affordably, because the best replacement windows refurbish both interior and exterior décor.


Reasons to replace your old windows with the best replacement windows in the industry:


You stop wasting heating and cooling

When you have old non-efficient windows, as much as a third of the air you are paying to heat or cool you home is literally going out the window instead because older windows allow hot or cold air to pass through to the outside. Manufacturers responded with engineering that enables the best replacement windows to block heat and cooling loss.

You save utility costs each month

The energy savings from installing the best replacement windows in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania and New Jersey area are significant.  Energy efficient windows can reduce the transfer of heat by as much as 60 percent and can help your home maintain a comfortable temperature, which translates into lower utility bills each month.

Increase Curb Appeal

Your home is your biggest investment.  Replacing old windows with the best replacement windows will dramatically improve the overall look of your home and the value of your investment.

End Costly Maintenance

Tired of spending time and money on repairing and painting those old windows?  If so, you may want to think about replacing your current windows with aluminum-clad or vinyl-clad windows.  Most of these replacement window options offer exterior trim that never needs to be painted, saving you time and money down the road.

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Get to know the various style options you have among the best replacement windows:

A simple change of windows or doors, not only makes financial sense, but adds to the overall beauty of your home.  Whether doing a kitchen remodel or adding an addition, there are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to deciding on the best replacement windows and doors.  At Freedom General Contracting, we take great pride in helping our clients explore all of their options.

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