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Freedom General Contracting, Expert Flat Roof Repair for Commercial Clients throughout Philadelphia, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Not every roofer will deal with flat roofing

We know flat roof repair, we know what needs to be done to restore its water tightness, and you’ll know it was done right the first time. The problem with a flat roof is just that – it is flat. Because your roof is a uniform level, it is prone to standing water, which leads to leaks and rot. The benefits outweigh any problems, but when aging, leaks and deterioration begin, you’ve found an expert contractor. If it’s not fixed correctly, a roofer may have to come back repeatedly; so some won’t touch it.

We repair all of the most common types of flat roofing:


  • Hot tar and gravel

  • Built up (BUR)

  • Seamed metal

  • PVC or rubber


Built-up roofing (BUR) has three or four layers of “felt” – commonly called tar paper, which is mopped with hot asphalt. This kind of flat roof repair usually involves replacing an area of felt and re-coating with asphalt, which will dry and resist water.

Tar and gravel can be restored with patches of hot tar over cracks and leaks, and new gravel can be put on top of that. This is one of the most common roofing types and so we have extensive experience at this kind of flat roof repair.

Modified Bitumen: These membranes are still asphalt-based, but polymers have been added to improve water-resistance and strength. Sections of the membranes can be replaced or it can be asphalt patched.

Seamed metal: Modern metal flat roofs are interlocking panels nailed or screwed in place. This is also known as a “standing seam” metal roof. Metal can be susceptible to strong winds. The seams can leak. These problems areas are often candidates for flat roof repair.

PVC, rubber, and EPDM: These are sheets or tiles of polymer plastic or rubber. Replacement and seam sealing tend to get the job done.

Walking on any flat roof can be the source of problems, and yet it’s often necessary for workers to go up there to service HVAC, vents and skylights. They take a beating from the sun, and that deterioration often leads to a cycle of leaks and fixes. We’ll be proactive and head off future problems.

Consumer groups always advise you to be wary of a very low bid. The contractor might not be adequately insured. In which case, you will be responsible for any damages or injury claims on your property. The roofer will have to cut corners somehow to bring in that low cost. That invariably leads to future problems.

Our flat roof repair services remain affordable for any commercial property.

Because we are a contractor, with years of experience with all kinds of roofs, when the solution is repair, our work is superior and our efficiency is appreciated. Put simply, we have the skill to repair any type of roof.


Offering Commercial Flat Roof Repair throughout Philadelphia and Bucks County: Doylestown, New Hope, Buckingham, Warrington, Warminster, Newtown, Richboro, Yardley, Washington Crossing | Montgomery County, Pennsylvania | Hunterdon and Mercer County, New Jersey.

Your flat roof repair will be a solution, not just a patch. You have a business to run, not deal
with a problem roof.

Like any good business, our customer service is paramount. For more than a decade we have been trusted to provide roofing solutions that go beyond quick fixes.


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